Amber gemstone with 925 silver and 18K rose-gold Taurus form a bracelet. Made with strong, adjustable silk cord. Amber is known to increase good luck, as well as physical and mental strength. This lucky stone transforms negative energies into positive ones.

  • Accessories Details: 925 silver and 18K rose-gold
  • Stone Type: Amber Gemstone

Jewelry Size

6.0cm, 6.5cm



  • RG Jewels is an original endeavor dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence and technical perfection. The Saudi designer’s dream of her collections is manifested into reality through limitless enthusiasm and persistence. With the creation of these modern classics, the air of timeless beauty and tranquility is rooted in the employment of the square shape within the brand’s unique designs. The structural symbolism of the square transcends cosmic, earthly, and spiritual elements, thus reflecting the holistic balance of Rana Gosaibi’s jewels. Drawing on Islamic influences, the square represents the four chambers of the heart that symbolize the angelic, the diabolical, the mortal and the divine nature of humanity.
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