Unveil inner harmony and celebrate your true self with our exquisite 18k gold pendant necklace. Crafted to honor your throat chakra, it embodies creativity, confidence, and the ability to express your uniqueness. This elegant and cherished piece of jewelry can be worn solo or layered with other necklaces for a personalized style statement.

  • Accessories Details: 18k Gold
  • Necklace Type: Regular
  • Pendant Size: 14mm
  • Chain Length: 45cm
Jewelry Size


  • Minimum Length (cm): 45
  • Total Length (cm): 45..

  • Hania Bitar Jewelry is a contemporary everyday jewelry brand for modern, unique fashion lovers. She offers ready to wear designs whose signature style is inspired by nature with a story. Each design reflects an inspiration. Hania believes jewelry should delight and endure.
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