This necklace, a symbol of femininity and strength, in addition to beautifully representing Palestinian culture, draws inspiration from the Palestinian Moon of Bethlehem embroidery stitch. The pendant, with this iconic motif, shows off the delicate textured details.

  • Material: 18kt Gold, 0.025 CTS Ruby Gemstone (Red color), 0.026 CTS Emerald Gemstone (Green color), 0.025 CTS Sapphire Gemstone (Blue color)
  • Chain Length (cm): Standard 40cm length
  • Pendant Size (cm): 1.55 x 1.6cm
Dimensions N/A

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Size pendant: 16x16mm

chain: standard 40cm length

Metal: 18 kt Gold

Stone: N/A..


  • Hania Bitar Jewelry is a contemporary everyday jewelry brand for modern, unique fashion lovers. She offers ready to wear designs whose signature style is inspired by nature with a story. Each design reflects an inspiration. Hania believes jewelry should delight and endure.
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