Add this unique necklace your jewelry collection. This pink beaded chain tastefully carries a beautiful a muti-stone pendant, featuring a prominent pink sapphire stone slotted on the upper middle.

  • Materials: Multi-stones, Pink Sapphire, Silver
  • Finish: Gold-plating silver
Dimensions 43 cm

  • This brand was founded in Oman in 1997 by Soheyla, a member of the Industrial Artists and Designers of London (SIAD) since 1980. Sherie followed in her mother’s footsteps and graduated from London Guildhall University. She also won the notable Goldsmiths award for the Jewelry Design Display Award in 2005. The mother and daughter duo design boho-chic jewelry and home décor, drawing inspiration from their Persian heritage mixing the richness of their multi-cultural experiences with a modern flair.
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