Add a pop of color with this beautiful and modern blue eye clutch on the front featuring a plain navy blue back and clear arch acrylic handle and optional white/brown acrylic chain strap. The evil eye is a popular positive omen warding off negative energy in the Arab world.

  • Material: Plexiglass
  • Details: Magnetic Lock, Half-circle acrylic handle, Detachable chain
  • Shape (Main Body): Rectangle

*This item is Made-to-Order; Shipping might take up to a week.

Dimensions 10 × 17 cm

  • Length (cm): 10
  • Width (cm): 17
  • Weight (kg): 1

Care Instruction: This item is extremely delicate, Handle with care. Use a cloth or cleaning wipes in order to avoid dust or scratches.

  • Hand crafted in Jordan, Meera Toukan infuses the Middle Eastern and Western Cultures in hopes of giving the world original pieces that showcase heritage through modern fashion. Meera gathers inspiration from her Middle Eastern culture and heritage to build a fashion brand empowering local artisans and workshops.
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