Discover our simple yet trendy sunglasses, sporting a classic rounded rectangular shape with an acetate frame. Designed to create an iconic look that exudes an energetic attitude.

  • Frame Shape: Rounded Rectangular
  • Frame Material: Nylon/Acetate
  • Frame Size: L 14.5 x W 13.6 x H 4 cm
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate


    • Total Length (cm): 13.5
    • Minimum Length (cm): 14.1

      • D by Dunia believes sunglasses complete every outfit. Dunya has proven that one can find stylish and quality sunglasses without the upmarket price tags. She creates a high-quality line of accessibly priced, elegant and swanky eyewear suiting all face shapes. Designed in Lebanon, there is a selection of shades for every moment!
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